Electrified or direct propulsion; land, rail, ships and aircrafts.

The technology has been verified in experimental research for utilization onboard a 2 meter scale ship model (Norwegian Coast Guard Nordkapp-clas model).

The experiment utilized simulated Stirling components as they were not operational in this scale at the time.



Globally Stored Thermal Solar Power.

Successful test at LandTech Solar; achieving full and instant adjustable power supply, constant frequency/voltage, eliminating wind and solar grid power issues. Pilot based on a scale Norwegian Nordkapp-class ship installation, adaptable to electric vehicles, builidings, etc.

The experiment confirmed the ability to utilize Globally Stored Thermal Solar Energy, with the ambient heat as the only natural heat reservoir, and the System generating the artificial Cold Reservoir / Heat Sink for the process.

The same technology can provide electricity for offshore structures, like oil and gas installation, with immense cost reduction and elimination of CO2 from the platform; a less complicated electrification of the installations.

Electric vehicle range extender with unlimited range or no need for batteries?

The success with the marine micro-proof-of-concept, for all the involved components and sub-processes, and the following development of the Stirling-component into kW-size capacity, demonstrated new possibilities.

The technology could be utilized as on-board charger and range extender for electric vehicles, like for ships, potentially with or without the need for battery power storage.

CO2-free Air Transport?
The technology has also been tested with a micro-scale proof-of-concept for utilization in aircraft, with electric or jet propulsion.

This potential is a spin-off and taken out of the original application prototype-program, with its own R&D-program, due to several promising application R&D results.

Documented with derived and simulation research methods, presently undergoing experimental research.