Resyncronizing mankind and nature®

    • From basic physics research into application prototypes.
    • Utilizing applied physics research methods and application models.
    • Demonstrating practical development potential; a new CO2-free power supplier.
    • Boosting local and national economies.
    • The agricultural microgrid replacing fossil fuels and nuclear power, at less power production cost.


    Primary R&D-program:

    € 30 million 16+ applied physics / application kW-prototype projects. + spin-offs.


    Aircraft application prototype development:

    € 10 million "Stirling"-assisted Jet-engines: From static to hypersonic CO2-free propulsion.


    May 2022: 10 MW agriculture electricity production and Carbon storage biochar project (quatre-per-mille):

    Pilot project intended to demonstrate the agriculture boost of agricultural, local, national, and global economies by utilizing electricity production as an incentive to implement regenerative farming and carbon storage, eliminating manmade CO2 in the atmosphere and the oceans.


    May 2022: 10 MW pilot nuclear energy and fossil fuel thermal power plants:

    Pilot projects aimed at boosting nuclear and other thermal heat power systems efficiency.

    Models indicate doubling the power outcome without increasing the nuclear waste or 50% reduced CO2 and NOX emissions from carbon energy sources, while eliminating environmental waste heat issues.

    Aug. 2022: 42,5 – 45 MW maritime ship propulsion and applications project.

    Pilot project aimed at demonstrating 50% reduction in CO2 and NOX emissions from shipping, while doubling the range.


    Sept. 2022: 20 MW maritime offshore platform electrification project.

    Pilot project aimed at demonstrating 50% reduction in CO2 and NOX emissions.


    Oct. 2022: 20 MW maritime ship propulsion and offshore platform electrification project.

    Future pilot project aimed at demonstrating 100% reduction in CO2 and NOX emissions, utilizing battery free electric operations and propulsion with unlimited range.



    Renewable energy @ 0,012 €/kWh (Lifetime Cost of Energy).


    Balance power (power 24/7 and constant frequency).










    The Bill Gates equation:

    That might look complicated. It’s not.

    On the right side you have the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we put out in the atmosphere. This is what we need to get to zero. It’s based in the four factors on the left side of the equation: the world*s population (P) multiplied by the services (S) used by each person; the energy (E) needed to provide each of those services; and finally, the carbon dioxide (C) produced by that energy.

    As you learned in math class, any number multiplied by zero will equal zero. So if we want to get to zero CO2, then we need to get at least one of the four factors on the left to zero.

    The Soil Story narrated by Larry Kopald: